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1941-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS64/PCGS
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Silver 1832 Capped Bust Type 5 Cent Coin

Itemnumber: 795402

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This is a 1832 Capped Bust 5 Cent coin in Good condition. The Bust Coin is the oldest federal coined coins of the United States. This date is from the series of the large size. Bust coins were minted from 1828 to 1837. The first dime design was Robert Scots Draped Bust/Small Eagle motif issued in 1796.It was updated in 1798 with a heraldic eagle reverse, primarily in answer to criticism of Scots scrawny eagle.Lack of demand, however, caused the Mint to cease production of dimes after June of 1807.Reichs new design for the dime first appeared in 1809 and was later copied by Kneass for the reduced version.It featured a left facing bust of Liberty wearing a cap, with a diadem bearing the incused inscription LIBERTY.Thirteen stars are arrayed on the sides of the bust, with the date below.The reverse depicts an eagle with a shield on its breast, clutching arrows and an olive branch.Above the eagle are the inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and E PLURIBUS UNUM, with the denomination 10 C. below.
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